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NBN to remediate business connections over copper

But will lock you in for 12 months if the existing copper line isn’t up to scratch

The company responsible for building the National Broadband Network, nbn, will begin offering line remediation to business services unable to reach their committed speeds over the copper network.

Business level services delivered over Traffic Class 2 (TC-2) have a committed information rate (CIR) which effectively guarantees a connection’s transfer rate.  Typical residential services are provisioned over Traffic Class 4, which has a peak information rate (PIR) describing the “up to” transfer rate achievable over the line.

The company is already offering TC-2 services over its FTTN and FTTB network with symmetrical transfer speeds of 5, 10 or 20 Mbps.  However, according to the current Wholesale Broadband Agreement (WBA), the company is currently not committing to its Committed Information Rate — stating:

“the actual Information Rate experienced by Customer, Downstream Customer or the relevant End User, may each be significantly less than the downstream CIR and upstream CIR of the bandwidth profile ordered by Customer in respect of the relevant Ordered Product”

According to the revised WBA on its website, the company will enable customers to submit a trouble ticket to remediate the copper line.  However, nbn will also require the end user to take up the service for at least 12 months or will have to pay an early disconnection or modification fee.

NBN will charge an early termination or modification fee if customers had their line remediated
NBN will charge an early termination or modification fee if customers had their business line remediated

Increased FTTN performance objectives

nbn is also increasing its network availability operational target on the FTTN Network from 99.70% to 99.80%.  The agreement states that “operational targets are non-binding and aspirational”.

The new wholesale broadband agreement will become effective in early December 2016.


Kenneth Tsang

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  • electroteque

    Instead of offering large backhaul and extending the fibre cheaply. They know the copper is beyond repair and scamming people who need a service that won’t go down. It’s copper it will still go down.

  • electroteque

    FTTN will never be able to reach 100mbps constantly. A scam. Yet being charged as a fibre connection.

    My HFC has been falling over the past week. Last night for 12 hours. HFC is an unstable con job too.

  • Ben Evans

    can only laugh at your comment electroteque.
    I’m FTTN and I pull 97.6 Mbs so explain what 2.4Mbs and going to do to me?
    go do your home work the loss in copper is not as big as you guys think unless is very old copper but that’s the same with everything over time
    Labor wasn’t going to let FTTH pull any more then 100Mbs.
    so you scam is a load of shit, and I’m in Wodonga pulling these speeds so not near a city.

    My ISP is myrepublic and they are pusing 107Mbs to me to get my speeds