NBN Co offers new entry level bundle

With hefty penalty for exceeding included peak hour average

NBN Co, the company responsible for building and operating the National Broadband Network, will introduce a new $22.50 entry level bundle next month aimed at very low usage customers.

The new bundle discount will finally allow Retail Service Providers to include customers with 12/1 Mbps AVCs in the same pool of bundled CVC from other bundled offers. Each Entry Level Bundle will include a 12/1 Mbps AVC and 0.15 Mbps CVC, which contributes to a common pool shared with the High Bandwidth Bundle Discount which started in May 2018 and the Fixed Wireless Bundle Discount which started last month.

However, there is a catch. NBN Co will charge service providers who, on average, exceed 0.15 Mbps per AVC during peak hours an additional $22.50 per AVC. This prevents providers from taking full advantage of the included CVC from other included bundles.

NBN Co will use a new metric called “Daily Peak ELB Bandwidth Usage” to calculate the peak usage for billing purposes. It will use the highest 30 minute period of aggregated entry level bundle download usage to determine a daily peak usage. The peak usage is then averaged across the month to determine if the provider exceeded the threshold.

Providers who opt for the new entry level bundle will be excluded from the 50 Kbps CVC credit previously available for each AVC.

The bundle will be made available to providers from 2nd October.

Source: NBN Co

Kenneth Tsang

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