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NBN’s weird app for employees: share rollout info with mates

Make friends with NBN employees!  They may be able to shed light into your pesky rollout issues.

The company responsible for building the National Broadband Network, nbn, has published a page on its public website stating the terms and conditions of a mobile app known as “Ken App”.  According to the 422 word page, the app will be accessible exclusively to some full-time employees on mobile devices issued by the company.

The purpose of the mobile app will be used by these select employees to “access information about the nbn network”  as well as “raise requests with the nbn Contact Centre on behalf of friends and relatives”.  The app can also apparently be used to “request for an email to be sent to a third party with information on the nbn™ network”.


It seems like an odd app for nbn to develop.  Why create an app that is only accessible for your employees to look up and share NBN rollout information and lodge support requests?

Is the nbn website really that terrible that friends and family of employees can’t lodge their support requests or find the information they need?  Why does it seem the friends and relatives of these employees will get preferential treatment and more information over other members of the public?

I guess this implies that friends and relatives of nbn employees will also have access to more detailed NBN rollout information and will get special follow-up treatment on any issues they have.  I suggest you make friends with NBN employees quick and fast! #FriendsOfNBN

Friends of the NBN: they have access to the special app for more information!
Friends of the NBN: they have access to the special app for more information!