Online Copyright Infringement – Submissions

The Attorney-General department has finally released the approximately 600 submissions that the public had made to the consultation process of the Online Copyright Infringement discussion paper.

Some journalists were “fortunate” enough to have these submissions physically mailed to them (in all of its 5kg glory). Others, like myself, received them in a slightly more accessible form of scanned PDFs.

I’ve processed roughly ~370 submissions to date. Rather than uploading them as binders with hundreds of submissions like what the Attorney-General’s department did, I have attempted to split the submissions up into separate PDFs. All PDFs have also been OCRed for searchability.

The final ~200 couldn’t be processed because the Attorney-General department accidentally scanned only every second page. I have contacted them in a hope that we can access the last few documents in full.

View ~370 of the separated and ‘OCR’ed submissions here

There may be the odd occasion where multiple submissions are in the same PDF. The process was done semi-automatically… so that is to be expected. Let me know if you find anything, and I’ll fix it 🙂

~ enjoy.