MTM technology guidelines: help crowdfund this FOI request!

Update – Crowd-funding Target Reached!
Thank you to everyone who contributed. I’ll have a quick follow-up blog post up soon.

Do you want NBN Co to release the detailed multi-technology guidelines used to determine which network technology (FTTP, FTTN or HFC) in which areas?

Only a very short summary has been released by the company, and in order to better understand their rollout model, I’ve made a “Freedom of Information” (FOI) request to NBN Co to asking them release the underlying technical guidelines behind the summary.

However, NBN Co is intending to charge $245 for the processing fee of this request… and we need your help to make this request possible!

All the funds raised in this campaign will go towards funding the Freedom of Information request. The costs breakdown charged by NBN Co can be found here on the Right to Know website.

Any financial support towards funding this request would be much appreciated. If successful, it will bring about a better understanding of how NBN Co intends to choose technologies around Australia.

If you’re interested to read more about this request, it can be chronicled here on the Right to Know website.

Important note: Just to add, while I think it’s likely that NBN Co will release this information (as they have already released a summary of it), there is a possibility that the FOI request may not lead to a release of information at all. Depending on what NBN Co decides, the full FOI request charges may still be imposed even if the information is not released.

By donating, you understand that you may not necessarily get a refund of donation even if the FOI request fails. However, I will endeavour to the best of my ability to refund those costs if they are refunded to me by NBN Co.

If you had donated prior to this update, and no longer wish to donate, please let me know. I’d be more than happy to refund the donation.

P.S. I had initially intended to run a Pozible campaign — however, due to age restrictions, it became a bit more problematic. Hopefully this method will be suffice.


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