Latest ABS data not transparent enough

(satire) ABS revealed figures earlier today showing that an average household with an NBN internet connection downloads 61GB a month. Spokesperson for the ABS said:

That is roughly the same as 620 feature length films being watched on a TV, or 310 feature length films watched on two TVs.

However, the spokesperson was unable to confirm the nature of these films:

Because the ASIO powers that issues warrants to access the entire Internet only came into force after the results were collated, the ABS is unable to confirm which movies were downloaded.

When pressed if the movies were likely downloaded legally nor not, the ABS spokesperson denied to comment.

As individuals who made submissions to the Attorney-General department regarding online copyright infringement consultation would know, the Government is not interested in providing a balanced consumer view on these issues. You will have to wait several weeks for us to respond for a comment on these issues.

When asked about the implications of NBN’s multi-technology mix on these figures in the future, the ABS spokesperson said:

The data downloaded would fit in 44 million floppy disks. That would fill an entire Olympic-sized swimming pool. It is unlikely that there will be enough Olympic-sized swimming pools in an average consumer to fill to store these floppy disks over a year’s time.

Kenneth Tsang

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